Hi, I’m Mansal

I’m offensive, arrogant, opinionated, and nosy. Thus, my essays can be a challenge for some people to read. But, if you ask the right person, they may say I’m also inquisitive, empathetic, disciplined, and self-aware.

There is no cohesion to my work. So why should you listen to me?

I fucked up. Big time.

I stole documents, ended up in prison, and learned a thing along the way. In a couple decades of living I’ve also published a book (not self-published), organized a festival, and built a few businesses (most of them were failures). Whatever you read between the lines of my work, I hope you enjoy it.

“Mansal… did all the good things you’re supposed to and did come out the other side more optimistic than ever… he knows the real secret now.”

James Altucher WSJ Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur

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