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Mansal Denton is a do-er and thinker. This manifests in entrepreneurial ventures, organizing a festival, publishing a book (not self-published), and a myriad of other projects like donating books to prisoners.

At age 20 he was arrested and at 23 sentenced to 8 years in the Texas State penitentiary. While in prison he still operated two businesses, but primarily spent his time reading, learning, and thinking about a life well-lived.

This prison sentence has influenced Mansal’s life tremendously. To grapple with the fallout and identify personal character flaws, he went on a journey that included Vipassana meditation, Mankind Project, Authentic Relating / Circling, and ayahuasca ceremonies. No, he’s not enlightened.

With these unique life experiences, quirky behavior, and a somewhat arrogant nature, he has been featured on media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Fox News, and Elite Daily.

He’s lived in Switzerland, Poland, but currently resides in Austin, Texas in a 230 square foot mansion. He is obsessed with foxes, occasionally partakes in jiu-jitsu and practices archery daily.


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Despite the third-person writing above, I’m actually writing all of this myself and somewhat down to earth. If you found my work interesting, helpful, or distasteful, I respond to pretty much anything constructive or rational.

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