What This Election Really Taught Me About Human Nature

It was election day, I walked up to the Wells Fargo teller, and attempted to make a withdrawal to pay monthly probation fees. After asking me how my day was, one teller inquired whether I had voted. “Hell no,” I replied. “I’m a convicted felon and I can’t ever vote... read more

Soup is the Answer to All of Your Problems

Soup is more than food. Soup is a way of being. No, I’m not serious. Soup is soup. It’s an amalgamation of vegetables, bits of meat, and a lot of water. But soup means more than that. In life, we are a culmination of our actions. You are nothing more than what you do... read more

How to Find Your Passion: An Unconventional Guide

In 2005 Steve Jobs delivered a commencement speech at Stanford University encouraging students to “…find what you love”. Throughout the 15 minutes, Jobs discusses his satisfaction from work in a passionate way. But despite what his speech said, Jobs did not... read more